Cadbury launches “Fuse” through Non Traditional and Outdoor Advertising

The launch campaign of Cadbury’s new chocolate ‘Fuse’ was done in top 26 cities including Mumbai, Delhi and others. The core objective of the campaign was to promote Fuse as a new way of snacking with the tagline “Feast Up”.

The main media used for this campaign  included “Metro Train Wrap” in Mumbai mainly in the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar metro route. The campaign was aimed at reaching out to the youth aged between 15-25 years across SEC A & B. According to the data shared by Mumbai Metro, this route has footfalls or more than 30 lakh passengers in a month. Being a high traffic route, it not only garnered the travellers attention, but also of the road travellers.


Another Non Traditional medium used included Bus Wraps in these major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc.

Focusing on both effectiveness and reach, media like billboards, unipoles, gantries, mall facades, metro civil structures, pillars, bus shelters and other signages were also used.


To create a strong top of mind recall, only a single ad creative has been used across all the cities. This is prominently in the brand color purple, showcasing the key ingredients of the product – chocolate and peanuts with the line ‘Chocolaty Feast’.

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