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Advertising in Airline - Air Asia, India

Advertising in Airline - Air Asia, India
Popular Media
Air Asia India Airlines-Seat Back Branding-Option 1

Meal Tray Branding

Per Aircraft

Card Rate

₹ 2,25,000

Offer Rate

₹ 1,50,000
Premium Media
Air Asia India Airlines-Over Head Luggage Bin Branding-Option 1

Over Head Luggage Bin

Per Aircraft

Card Rate

₹ 2,50,000

Offer Rate

₹ 2,00,000
Air Asia India Airlines-Global Destination Explorer Branding-Option 1

Global Destination Explorer

On Request
Other Media
Air Asia India Airlines-Inflight Announcement Branding-Option 2

Inflight Announcement

Per Aircraft

Card Rate

₹ 3,95,000

Offer Rate

₹ 3,25,000
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates

Avg Monthly Passengers


Fleet Size


Avg Seats in a Flight


Occupancy Rate


Avg Journey Time ( Hrs)


Market Share


Total Operating Destinations


Departures Per Day


About AirAsia India

AirAsia India is no frill low-cost airline of India. The airline currently has 6 aircrafts in service and covers 12 destinations.

Facts & Figures

1. World's Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009)

2. World's Leading Low Cost Airline by World Travel Awards 2013

3. 2012 ATW Value Airline of the Year

4. Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier By TTG Travel Awards 2011

5. Asia's Best Low Cost Cargo Carrier Award by Aviation Awards Asia 2011

AirAsia India Destinations

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Air Asia Airlines Advertising Rates 2021

The Media Ant is committed towards getting the most accurate data for its users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Air Asia Airline Advertising is one of the most popular Airline advertising options, hence it is very important for advertisers to know Air Asia Airline Advertising Rates 2021. You can find the updated Air Asia Airline Advertising Rates 2021 under the heading “Top Choice/Other Ad Options” after clicking on the particular advertising option.

Top 5 Airport Advertisements in Air Asia Airline for Oct - Dec 2021
  • WD

  • Spinny Cars

  • Airbnb

  • ABB


What is the ad duration for advertising in Airline and Airports?


Unless specifically mentioned, the rates are for a month. 


I am doing a campaign in an airline and on an airport for the first time. What all should I be aware of?

  1. Post confirmation and payment,  it can take up to 3 weeks for a campaign to go live​
  2. Airline and Airports have strict guidelines on the kind of ads they can carry. Your ad might get rejected or you might be asked for changes