digital Ad Campaigns in India

digital is one of the preferred media types for advertising in India. digital as a media has a very high demand and hence, one can see popular digital ad campaigns in India launched throughout the year. There are several popular Indian and International brands in Indian market competing for space in digital advertising. This makes digital advertising in India a necessity to claim the top of the mind of audience. People spend a considerable time on digital platforms and hence it is a wonderful opportunity for brands to showcase product features, advantages over competitors as well try to establish an emotional connect with the audience. You can use The Media Ant Ads to find out the latest as well as the most popular Indian digital ad campaigns.

Why to look for Indian digital ad campaigns on TMA Ads?

Advertisements are loved by advertisers as well as the general public. Long before the short format videos were popular, advertisements have been a source of information as well as entertainment. Most people still remember their favourite ads and jingles from childhood. Ads are not only cherished for their brand connect but also for their creativity and quirk factor.

However, one of the biggest questions here is where to find the best digital ads. While ads are everywhere- on YouTube channels, on various media websites, it’s sometimes really difficult to filter out and watch ads that are relevant to your needs. We at The Media Ant have often faced this issue when our digital advertising clients have asked for examples of digital ads in specific languages or ad formats. And hence The Media Ant Ads was born. Most of the first-time digital advertisers wonder how does a perfect digital ad look like? What message should digital ads carry? What is the ideal size of a digital ad? Is there an example of a Hindi digital ad? All these questions now can be answered by visiting to TMA Ads.

Who should visit TMA Ads for Indian digital ad campaign examples?

TMA Ads is an ideal platform for

  • General Public: TMA Ads is updated every day with the latest Indian digital ad campaigns as well as old digital ads as well. It is an ideal platform for audience who just wants to watch popular and latest Indian digital advertisements.
  • Students: For students learning marketing and advertisements, watching ad is a part of curriculum as well as assignments. TMA Ads can be the one-stop destination for students looking for digital advertisements.
  • Advertisers: For the first-time digital advertisers, getting the ad creative right in first go is a big challenge. TMA Ads has digital ads across various categories, ad formats and languages that would make the advertisers’ work very easy.

When is the best time to advertise for placing digital advertisements?

digital as a product category is in demand throughout the year as the need for digital is always there. Hence, there is no specific best time to advertise in digital. However, in India, there are specific events that mark a good time for brands to place advertisements in digital. Following are some of the occasions when one can see a jump in Indian digital ad campaigns:

1.Major National and Regional Festivals: Festivals are considered as very auspicious occasions for making any new purchase. It is also a time when people like spending a lot and sending gifts to family and friends. You would see a lot of campaigns during these festivals. For example- festive season digital ads, Onam digital ads etc.

2.Major Sales Events: Big E-commerce and retail companies have mega sale events mostly during the festive season and other regional festivals. Since these events push people to make purchases, these occasions are the best time for digital advertising.

3.Major Sports Events: One event that is as big as festivals is major sporting events like IPL. A number of brands and sponsorship are involved during these events and a large number of brands launch new digital ads for the occasion.

The Media Ant Ads: best Indian digital ad campaign ideas for your advertising campaigns

When designing digital ads, some of the most important questions faced by brands are:

1.What type of digital ad headline works the best?

2.What product features work best in the most popular digital ads?

3.How to make digital ad call to action the most effective?

4.What type of colors are used in the top digital ads?

5.What audience emotions should be targeted through digital ads?

6.Where should the brand logo appear in the digital ad creative?

All the above-mentioned questions about digital advertising across platforms and various ad formats would be answered through The Media Ant Ads.

How to use The Media Ant Ads to get the top Indian digital Ad Campaign Examples?

Using The Media Ant Ads to look for your favorite ads is very easy. The first step is to visit the link The ads on TMA Ads are sorted by default according to upload date i.e. the latest uploaded ads. If you would like to watch the latest ads launched, sort it by latest else you can also find all the ads sorted by top-viewed to see the most popular ads. For watching the digital ads, you can select the media type as “digital” from the filters called media type. You can further filter the digital ads across various categories like real estate digital Ads, automobile digital ads. One can also select the ads based on the languages like Hindi digital Ads, English digital Ads, Tamil digital Ads etc.