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You can now advertise in Sandesh Magazine. Get all details and best rates for Sandesh Magazine below.

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About Sandesh Magazine

Sandesh magazine is a famous children's magazine that has been edited by the likes of Satyrajit Ray. Sandesh magazine turned 100 in 2013. Founded by the noted children's author Upendrakishore Raychowdhury in 1913, Sandesh has been open to kiddie writers for the last century. After Raychowdhury's death, his son and filmmaker Satyajit Ray's father, Sukumar took over the job of editing it. Sandesh magazine was not published for a brief spell till Satyajit Ray resurrected it, contributing actively as a writer, editor and designing some gorgeous covers.

Sandesh Magazine is yet to tie-up with The Media Ant. However, we do help advertisers interested in advertising with Sandesh Magazine. We have added it on the site with the objective of helping advertisers discover relevant advertising spaces that they can include in their media mix.

Pricing for Sandesh Magazine

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Details for Sandesh Magazine

Circulation for Sandesh Magazine-
Readership of Sandesh Magazine-
Frequency of Sandesh MagazineAnnual
Cover price of Sandesh Magazine-
Language of Sandesh MagazineBengali

Execution Details for Sandesh Magazine

Step 1

Select the following variables:

  • Ad Size
  • Ad Position
  • Magazine Issue Dates

Step 2 

Creative Production: The advertisement has to be made via the clients creative agency. Once the creative and the aforementioned variables are selected, the advertisement is printed in the magazine.

Copies of the Magazine are sent to the client once published.

Step 3 

Measurement: You can measure the success of your campaign via tracking parameters such as web traffic, call volumes, sales trends and discount codes. 

Advertise in Sandesh Magazine

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