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Local Train Advertising in Mumbai


* Rs. 165-300K

Passengers / Day

2 million

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You can now do Local Train Advertising in Mumbai, on the Western, Central and Harbour line, through The Media Ant. Get all the details and best rates for Local Train advertising in Mumbai, below.

About Local Train Advertising in Mumbai

The local trains in Mumbai are the lifeline of the city and carry approximately 2 million passengers on the WesternCentral and Harbour line per day. If you are an advertiser from Mumbai, you don't need to be told about the importance of this transportation mode for the people of Mumbai. Approximately 2.1 million passengers travel per day - 11.9 lakhs in Western and 8.7 lakhs in Central line, per day.

Media options for Local Train Advertising in Mumbai


  • Outside train wraps
  • Outside train painting
  • Inside Train panels
  • Inside window top transfer


  • Back-lit panels
  • Hanging boards
  • Platform boards
  • Bridge panels

Images for Local Train Advertising in Mumbai


This is a short presentation with images of local train advertising in Mumbai.

Details for Local Train Advertising in Mumbai

  • Western Line Trains: 109
  • Central Line Trains: 87
  • Passengers/Day (Western line): 11.9 lakhs (as per tickets+passes issued)
  • Passengers/Train/Day (Western line): ~ 11,000 per train
  • Passengers/Day (Central line): 8.7 lakhs (as per tickets+passes issued)
  • Passengers/Train/Day (Central line): ~ 10,000 per train
  • Number of trips/Train/Day: 7-9 round trips per day (Churchgate - Borivali - Churchgate is a round trip)
  • Bogies/Train: The trains have a mix of 12 and 15 bogies per train


Map of Mumbai Local Train Network

local train advertising

Execution for Local Train Advertising in Mumbai

  • Security deposit: A security deposit of Rs. 1.6 lakhs (as a demand draft) has to be given directly to Indian Railways per train. This deposit is refundable after 3 months from the date of the activity.
  • Days to execute: 15 days from the date of the DD, given to Indian Railways.
  • Creatives: The creatives have to be given in CDR / PDF format. The printing and mounting are taken care of by the vendor itself.
  • Minimum quantity: There is no minimum quantity in terms of the number of trains. You can advertise in one train also.
  • Minimum days: For western line trains, it is 30 days and for central line trains it is 45 days.
  • Execution proof: Photographs are provided as a proof of execution. The client can also be given the time table of the train they have chosen so a recce can be done by him/her directly.
  • Payment: 100% payment has to be in advance.

Pricing for Local Train Advertising in Mumbai

Train advertising in Mumbai are done in either the Western, Central or Harbour line. There is no minimum quantity in terms of trains that you need to advertise in. You can choose whether you'd like to advertise only outside or inside or both. Below are the individual costs for each of these train advertising options. 

Cost of branding in 1 train on Western & 1 on Central (inside & Outside) 

Western LineOutside Branding128 pannelsRs. 2,47,467
Central LineOutside Branding128 pannelsRs. 3,06,699
Western LineWindow Pannel96 pannelRs. 1,65,616
Central LineWindow Pannel96 pannelsRs. 1,65,616
Western Line Display Pannel50 pannlesRs. 3,25,000
Central LineDisplay Pannel50 pannelsRs. 2,75,000

  • Re-painting costs: Once the campaign is over and the creative is torn off the train, the train needs to be re-painted to its original color.
  • Service taxes: Will be applicable on these train advertising charges. These have to be levied.

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