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Advertise on Railway and Train Tickets in India

Passengers / Month

25 million

Media options


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You can now advertise on railway and train tickets in India. Given the reach of train travel in India, this is as good as mass media to reach SEC B and C. to explore more options, click on the link below.

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Uniqueness of Railway Ticket Advertising

  • Scale (crores of tickets are booked every month)
  • Reach (reaches to most geographies across the country)
  • All SECs addressed

Media options for Railway Ticket Advertising

  • Physical ticket copy (front and back of ticket)
  • Railway reservation charts

Railway Ticket Advertising

Research on Railway Tickets Advertising

This research was conducted by a telecom client on a sample size of 600 passengers.

  • Usually the males in the household are exposed to these tickets (70% of the times)
  • On an avg 2.2 members of the household are exposed to the tickets
  • A higher proportion of 26-35 age group members of the HH are exposed to the ticket (31%) compared to other age groups
  • On an avg a person is involved in 7 key stages with the ticket - while booking at the counter, some days prior to travel, on the day of travel before starting from home, after reaching the station, while going through the chart, after boarding and during ticket checker's inspection
  • About 11 minutes is spent with the ticket across all stages
  • 58% of the respondents recall seeing an ad on the tickets
  • 97% of those who recall seeing an ad remembered the brand that advertised
  • Recall of the ad is significantly higher among SEC A and B compared to SEC C and D

Railway Ticket Advertising - Cost and Reach

RailwaysStates coveredTickets/monthSpaceCost/ticket
Westerm RailwayGujarat, Maharashtra2,000,000Front+BackRs. 3
Central RailwayMaharashtra2,500,000Front+BackRs. 3
Northern RailwayDelhi, UP, HP, Haryana, Punjab5,000,000Front+BackRs. 3.4
Konkan RailwayGoa1,000,000Front+BackRs. 3
South Western RailwayKarnataka2,000,000Front+BackRs. 3
South Central RailwayAndhra Pradesh2,500,000Front+BackRs. 3
East Coast RailwayOrissa1,000,000Front+BackRs. 3
Eastern RailwayWest Bengal2,500,000Front+BackRs. 3
East Central RailwayBihar2,000,000Front+BackRs. 3
West Central RailwayMadhya Pradesh1,000,000Front+BackRs. 3
North Central RailwayUttar Pradesh2,000,000Front+BackRs. 3
South Eastern RailwayWest Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa2,000,000Front+BackRs. 3

Dimensions of Railway Ticket Advertising

  • Ticket Front, Right: 25 mm (w) x 82 mm (h)
  • Ticket Front, Bottom: 156 mm (w) x 12 mm (h)
  • Ticket Back, Right: 77 mm (w) x 71 mm (h)
  • Ticket Back, Bottom: 156 mm (w) x 20 mm (h) 

Images of Railway Ticket Advertising

railway ticket advertising

railway ticket advertising

Railway Reservation Chart Advertising

These charts are put up at the following places:

  • On coaches (3 charts each on both sides of a coach x 18 coaches per train)
  • Ticket checker carries a chart (3 charts per coach x 18 coaches per train)
  • Display board (30 charts for wait listed passengers per train)

Research on Reservation Charts

  • 29% of those exposed to these charts remember seeing an ad (spontaneous)
  • 85% was the overall recall of the ad (spontaneous + aided)
  • The most viewed information was coach/seat/berth number
  • Apart from railway tickets, about 30% refer to reservation charts and about 10% to charts on the coach
  • The chart in the hands of the ticket checker is the least preferred
  • About 50% of the passengers don't refer to any chart

Cost & Reach

Railway zonesCharts per monthNo. of trains/DayRate/Chart
Central Railway900,000118Rs. 3
Western Railway1,300,00065Rs. 3
Konkan Railway525,000-Rs. 3
Northern Railway2,000,000175Rs. 3
South Western Railway500,00062Rs. 3


railway advertising

railway chart advertising

railway chart advertising

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