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Full Page Rate

* Rs. 1,90,000

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You can now advertise in Aval Manamagal Magazine through The Media Ant. Get all details & best rates for Aval Manamagal Magazine below.

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About Aval Manamagal Magazine

Aval Manamagal Magazine is a premier wedding magazine. Aval Manamagal Magazine is a one-stop-shop for the wedding ecosystem in Tamil Nadu. Aval Manamagal Magazine features decorations, jewellery, catering and fashion. Aval Manamagal Magazine deciphers the process of wedding preparation. 

Pricing for Aval Manamagal Magazine

Page Position**Card Rate
Full PageRs. 1,90,000
Half PageRs. 1,00,000
Double SpreadRs. 3,80,000
Inside Front CoverRs. 3,00,000
Back CoverRs. 3,50,000
Inside Back CoverRs. 2,50,000

**The above rates for Aval Manamagal Magazine are negotiable. Call us for best rates for Aval Manamagal Magazine.

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Details for Aval Manamagal Magazine

Circulation for Aval Manamagal Magazine3,50,000
Readership of Aval Manamagal Magazine10,50,000
Frequency of Aval Manamagal MagazineHalf-Yearly
Language of Aval Manamagal MagazineTamil
Cover Price of Aval Manamagal MagazineRs 60

Creative details of Aval Manamagal Magazine

Page PositionPrint area
Full Page31 x 21.5 cms
Half Page15.5 x 21.5 cms

Execution Details for Aval Manamagal Magazine

Step 1

Select the following variables:

  • Ad Size
  • Ad Position
  • Magazine Issue Dates

Step 2 

Creative Production: The advertisement has to be made via the clients creative agency. Once the creative and the aforementioned variables are selected, the advertisement is printed in the magazine.

Copies of the Magazine are sent to the client once published.

Step 3 

Measurement: You can measure the success of your campaign via tracking parameters such as web traffic, call volumes, sales trends and discount codes. 

Advertise in Aval Manamagal Magazine


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